Laconic's products enhance the resilience of your Web3 application. Laconic facilitates offshore hosting, providing jurisdictional diversity across each level of the Web3 stack. For developers, the burden of hosting their application and maintaining a DevOps workflow is reduced.


Jurisdictionally diverse (offshore) hosting solutions provide resilience for your Web3 applications. Easy, seamless developer experience.


Improved service and reliability of your favorite Web3 applications, at a reduced cost. No more geo-blocking.

Laconic Stack


The Laconic Stack provides tooling to facilitate serving Web3 applications to all users, no matter the jurisdiction.

  1. Indexing Service

    Lightweight and developer friendly; leverages our 'state diff' service.
  2. Stack Orchestrator

    Batteries included build and deployment workflow tool.
  3. Legal Framework

    The Laconic Stack is highly modular, and enables legal compliance in any jurisdiction.

Laconic Network

The Laconic Network has a registry, whose records point to hosted application deployments. This provides a fault-tolerant database of information that matches users with service providers in the relevant jurisdictions. By publishing their applications to the Laconic Registry, developers are no longer burdened with the responsibility of hosting applications themselves.


Register your applications on-chain for others to find and use.

Provide jurisdictional diversity for offshore hosting your apps.

Facilitate availability to the broadest possible user base.


Laconic Console

The Laconic Console allows developers to browse the Laconic Registry. Service Providers publish applications and deployment records, making it easy for developers to find different versions of their favorite Web3 applications, hosted by various Service Providers.