Developed over five years with cutting-edge data-caching engineering, Laconic's technology stack and marketplace powers internet-scale Web3 applications.

  1. Laconic Watchers (SDK)
  2. Laconic Stack
  3. Laconic Network
  4. Laconic App
  5. Laconic Network Token (LNT)


Laconic enables simple and efficient DApp development, and the most flexible views of the Ethereum state.


Laconic exposes cross-chain history and metadata associated with an NFT, enabling provably accurate data for DApps and Marketplaces.

Leverage the Laconic SDK to create Watchers. Watchers are customized queries of blockchain data against specific smart contracts. Watchers enable fast and frictionless DApp development. Through Watchers, a DApp’s data can be fully verifiable with hundreds of megabytes instead of tens of terabytes. Use Watchers to dramatically increase speed and efficiency while lowering costs.

A Watcher serves three fundamental purposes:

  1. Query the data a DApp needs

  2. Make that data consumable to the DApp

  3. Cache the data for fast and inexpensive access



Laconic Stack

Laconic Stack is a set of essential and verifiable technologies and services that significantly simplify DApp development and make DApps accessible to a wider audience of developers.

  1. Core

    Ethereum node, ipld-eth-server, and relational database
  2. Watcher Service

    Allows services or browsers to subscribe to data
  3. Tracing Service

    Generates and caches traces
  4. Eth State Diff Service

    Serves state diffs from an offline Geth database
  5. Pending Transaction Service

    Provides real-time transaction pool data

Laconic Network

Laconic Network is an open, interoperable, verifiable data marketplace and ecosystem of service providers, DApp operators, and data consumers providing low-cost, decentralized, and disintermediated horizontal scaling solutions for projects leveraging Laconic Stack.


Seamlessly connects DApps and bridges with data service providers

Leverages state-channel-based payment infrastructure

Provides highest quality services at the lowest prices via marketplace model


Laconic App

Your front-end to Laconic Network. Preview, monitor and manage your DApp’s Watcher usage. Participate in network governance. Then chart a path to deeper participation in the growth & stability of the network.

• In-browser IPFS payment channels
• Private self-custodied account data
• Access to member auctions & resources

Laconic Network Token

With a fixed total supply, Laconic Network Token (LNT) serves multiple functions in the Network design, most saliently by securing incentive alignment across network stakeholders. LNT also allows for seamless payments across services, regardless of blockchain or DApp.


LNT will also be used to:


Allow seamless payments for services


Provide service discounts


Award community development grants