Laconic Monthly Update: December 2022

12.01.2022-By — Maly Ly
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Hello Laconians,

Welcome to our first Laconic Monthly Update! 

After five years in stealth development, we were excited to go live with our public marketing launch in the last quarter.

In the three months since, Laconic has grown quickly, and we’ve made huge progress with both product and growth. Despite the arrival of “crypto winter,” our team remains focused on building a platform with the power to ensure that the next generation of blockchain applications are safer, faster, and more useful.

Thank you for joining us on our journey!


This month, we announced that Laconic is partnering with the world’s leading self-custodial wallet, ConsenSys’s MetaMask, and MetaMask founder Dan Finlay, to launch MobyMask, an anti-phishing tool. Laconic's MobyMask-caching Ethereum light client greatly reduces the cost of hosting a trustworthy copy of the MobyMask anti-phishing registry, making the tool accessible and affordable for a wide range of users.

Together, we’re laying the groundwork for an ambitious shared vision: a system with the ability to verify credible sources for a wide range of information types. You can read our blog to learn more about the partnership with MetaMask.


We’ve successfully launched a testnet for internal development and for testing with Laconic’s Founding Members (Founding Members to be announced). The genesis transaction occurred on August 9, 2022, with all Members in consensus.

We’re now creating tooling to monitor block production, number of transactions, and Validator health; further tooling will include a dashboard and a block explorer.

A public, incentivized testnet is planned for 2023. You can sign up for early access here.


We’ve continued work on the mechanics and logistics of the liquidity pool, state/payment channels that will govern the flow of payments and tokens between our own chain and Ethereum, and auction logic implementation. We’ll also be building out the back end of the Laconic App and its network underpinnings. The next step is to deploy the smart contract for the liquidity pool directly to testnet. Learn more about our platform and network.


After five years in stealth, we completed the design and development of the Laconic website and community channels, with a successful public launch on August 16. Since then, we’ve scaled online engagement with potential partners, developers, press, and people around the world looking to learn more about Laconic. 


We’ve launched 14 campaigns since the website launch, and will continue to scale marketing and community efforts in 2023.


Nothing beats real-life engagement! Conferences and events are key channels for growing audience awareness. Our team canvassed select Ethereum and blockchain conferences with a focus on brand positioning, partnerships, and customer development:

  • ETHAmsterdam and Devconnect (4/18–25): Going into the launch of our public marketing channels, our team produced a networking event to connect with Member teams, investors, and developers attending ETHAmsterdam and Devconnect, a conference dedicated to Ethereum L2 Scaling.

  • ETH CC Paris (7/18–22): Multiple Laconic Member teams converged at the largest Ethereum conference. This was a great opportunity for us to deepen awareness of Laconic among investors and validators in the Ethereum community. 

  • Cosmoverse Medellin (9/27–28): Cosmos’s largest conference was an opportunity for us to build awareness and engagement in the Cosmos ecosystem.

  • Devcon Bogota (10/7–16): The largest Ethereum developer conference offered the perfect opportunity to drive awareness of Laconic with Ethereum developers. Check out the recap blog to learn what the hot topics were at Devcon.

  • SF Blockchain Week and ETH SF (11/1–5): These two Bay Area conferences enabled our team to deepen our network in one of the world’s premier tech hubs.