Accelerating Web3

We’re materializing a decentralized and interoperable future, now

For blockchain technology to achieve true decentralization and wider adoption, we need to expand data access, verifiability, and control for developers and end users around the world.

Led by a globally renowned team of architects and core contributors across Ethereum, IPLD / IPFS, and Cosmos SDK, our mission is to accelerate blockchain development, interoperability, and adoption by providing decentralized application (DApp) developers and users with greater access to verifiable data.


Five years in development, Laconic is built by platform experts and core contributors across Ethereum, IPLD / IPFS, and Cosmos SDK.

Our project teams include Ethereum architects and developers who co-authored EIP-1559, and technology veterans who have launched products used by billions of people.

Laconic LLC

7 Founding Members
7 Founding MembersAnnouncing in Q3/2022


Developer of Laconic Stack

Rick Dudley
Rick DudleyPresident
Ashwin Phatak
Ashwin PhatakChief Architect
Ian Norden
Ian NordenVP of Engineering
Leah Light
Leah LightOperations Manager
Erik Dies
Erik DiesProduct Lead


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Q3 2022

  • Marketing & Community Launch
  • 7 Founding Members
  • Laconic Golang SDK / Watchers 1

Q1 2023

  • Laconic App v1
  • Laconic JS SDK
  • Watchers v2

Q4 2022

  • Announce Funding
  • Ethereum Mainnet Support
  • Updated Whitepaper

Q2 2023

  • Public Incentivized Testnet
  • Laconic App: Investor Services
  • Service Provider Registry v1
  • Community Grants Plan